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Implanted hearing aids amplify sound and transmit the vibrations through the ear.  Tinnitus Terminator Review  They are a good option for people who are hard of hearing (who do not have a profound hearing loss) and cannot use hearing aids. They are also useful for people who prefer not to have a visible hearing device outside their ear.

The two types of implantable hearing aids are either surgically implanted or non-surgically implanted. The surgically implanted hearing aid is a device which is implanted either in the bone or in the middle ear. Most implantable middle-ear devices almost completely eliminate feedback, one of the most annoying problems with conventional hearing devices. Some devices may allow the patient to continue "hearing" while swimming or bathing.

Cochlear implants provide sound perception by using an electrode which is surgically implanted into the cochlea (the spiral cavity of the inner ear). Patients must meet strict criteria in order to qualify for a cochlear implant. Auditory brainstem implants are designed for patients who have hearing loss because of tumors. Often the tumor is removed in the same procedure where the ABIs (auditory brainstem implants) are implanted. These implants can be used on patients 12 years of age or older, and no hearing criteria is required. A study of 61 patients receiving the ABI showed that the device is effective and safe in most patients. It helped to improve the lip-reading abilities in most patients and a few were able to understand speech.



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